How to get to Naranjo de Bulnes

From Arenas de Cabrales we will follow the road towards Sotres.

Before arriving at Sotres, in a very marked curve with some indicative signs, we will leave the road and we will enter to a trail. Continue along this trail until you reach some huts where the trail forks. If we continue straight, we will go to Áliva (wrong way). We will have to go to the right, for a descent that goes between the huts. From here we only have to follow the trail for a zigzag climb until we reach Pandebano, where the trail ends and we will park the car. From here we will continue by foot.

The trail starts from some sings at the side of the trail. The only point where it is possible to get confused is in the Pandebano Col, where if there is fog we can get confused and go to Bulnes, but being careful and being aware of this possible problem, it is very difficult for this to happen. Without fog it is almost impossible, since you can see the Urriellu peak (Naranjo de Bulnes) from the Pandebano Col.

The section by foot to the refuge of Urriellu can take us between 2 and 3 hours at a normal pace, always depending on the physical fitness. We can only fill water next to Terenosa refuge and Urriellu refuge.