Course in trad & multi-pitch climbing

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Classic Climbing Course is intended for climbers who want to jump into the unequipped or multi-pitch routes. In this course you will learn to correctly position the floating rock protection, safe belays, rope management, rappelling … and be fluent on adventure terrain.

Introductory course to classic climbing and multi-pitch routes

This course is designed for climbers with experience in sport climbing who want to make the leap to unclimbed or multi-pitch routes, or for those who already practice these modalities but need to consolidate or complete their knowledge. With this course, 100% practical and in real terrain, you will be able to safely manage in adventure terrain.

You will learn everything you need to know about the specific equipment we use in this type of terrain, you will learn how to correctly place floating belays, how to set up safe meetings, rope roping and rope management, rope progression, rappel … etc.

It is not a course that is given without taking your feet off the ground, it is not a course where theory is given and not put into practice, it is not a course that is given in a very wild and beautiful place but that is not adapted to give courses. It is a course that is 100% practical and in real terrain.

The good thing about giving the course in a place that I have equipped expressly to give these courses, is that the students can do again and again the exercises in a controlled, real, and completely autonomous way, always under the supervision of the guide who is next to them in a parallel fixed line.


Prerequisites: First grade V+/6a in sport climbing.

Location: Brañavieja (Alto Campoo), Cantabria


Course summary

  • Systems graduation and interpretation of topos / reviews
  • Basics fall factor and impact force
  • rock protection stuff: friends, stoppers, nails ...
  • Distribution and order the material in the harness
  • Anchors
  • Basic knots
  • Management of double rope
  • progression and retreat in multi-pitch routes
  • Communication of the team
  • basic aid climbing
  • Rappel

Necessary equipment

  • Backpack 35l
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing shoes
  • Chalk bag
  • 2 HMS carabiners
  • 3 asymmetric safety carabiners
  • belay/rappel device
  • Double rope 60m
  • Set of friends and stoppers
  • lanyard
  • Quickdraws
  • 2 120cm anchor runners
  • Appropriate clothing for the activity
  • Cream for the face and lips
  • Water and food


  • Professional AEGM mountain guide. (info)
  • RC and accident insurance in the mountains for days of activity
  • collective Course material (ropes, carabiners, nuts, friends, first aid kit, maps, etc ...)

Not included

  • Transportation to the course location and during the same
  • Accommodation
  • Material and personal equipment
  • Everything that is not detailed in the previous point.