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This isn´t about going for a dance. Or maybe yes, but once we are done …
At night everything seems calmer, we stop receiving the stimulus through the eyes and we let the other senses come into play, gracing us with a totally different feeling. Hiking, skiing or “snowshoeing” with the only intention of making it to the summit, contemplate the night sky and its constelations and enjoy the precious, undervalued and much needed silence. Enjoy snowshoe trails through the woods while you observe the landscape under the full moon, or simply climbing up the mountain with the help of the headlamps… Either way it is an unforgetable experience.

In addition to the above and under specific request, we can provide astronomical activities provided by the Astronomical Association in Cantabria. You will discover the secrets of the stars and its constellations according to the sky´s orientation ….

Additional offers:

  • Hiking and easy climbs
  • Mountaineering activities in the valley of Campoo
  • Snowshoe Routes
  • Stellar performance guided routes and more!
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